The Importance Of Radio Stations

It is not possible to forget the importance of radios even in a world where one can view movies while on the move with the help of their smartphones. It is not possible to watch videos when you are on the streets walking, biking, or cycling from one location to the other.

However, you can make use of earphones or headphones to listen to music, news, and other similar stuff transmitted via radio stations on your mobile. You are on your way to a mall when you hear the news about an approaching thunderstorm. It allows you to prepare yourself for any untoward incident, or better still, discontinue your plans about visiting the mall. However, if you have already reached the mall, and the cyclone has created havoc as well as disconnecting the radio signals, you might have noticed rescue workers using a strange looking rectangular device with a protruding antenna to talk to each other. These devices are known as walkie talkies. Such devices work even when there are no radio signals present. Businesses depend on advanced versions of such devices, referred to as two way business radios, when they do not have access to the internet or the nearby mobile towers have stopped functioning.

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FM versus AMAM (Amplitude Modulated) was the only means of transmitting and receiving radio signals in the past. They work on a specific signal range arranged in two different groups: medium wave and short wave. These signals, especially the short wave ones, can travel thousands of miles. However, it is not the same with the FM (Frequency Modulated) signals, which can only travel a short distance. On the one hand, people can find thousands of FM radio stations, run by a couple of people who have limited resources, and for whom the major source of earnings is advertisements. The person announcing the news or discussing the different songs or music tracks to be played on the FM back is known as a radio jockey. On the other hand, professional radio stations such as BBC, make use of the AM system of broadcasting to broadcast their news, music, and other stuff. You need a proper radio to listen to the news broadcasted by studios that use AM as their means of broadcasting, and cannot catch these signals on the radio included in your smartphone.

Music and news in the airwaves

The music and news transmitted by the AM and FM radio stations reach your device almost immediately since the velocity of these signals is the same as the velocity of light. The quality of the received signal depends on the area in which the receiver is located. Remember, static noises (such as those generated by electronic machines) can cause disturbances in those signals, especially when the signal becomes weak after travelling thousands of kilometres. Each radio station transmits its signals in a specific frequency. It is important to do this; otherwise, you would end up listening to news or music transmitted by two different radio stations at the same time.